There's an overwhelming amount of pressure on having the 'perfect' Christmas - full of 'stuff' and busyness, and it's easy to get caught up in the must-have/must do Christmas culture. If you're stretching yourself too thin and feeling really weighed down by it all, a simple Christmas will help to relieve some of the stress and bring back the joy.

Magazines are a lovely way to relax and a great source of ideas and information, but they can easily create both physical and mental clutter. So, here are my tips for keeping the magazine clutter under control and organising the important information that you want to keep.

Storage is really important for keeping your paperwork system organised and everything in it's place.

Take a look around your home. No matter how tidy and organised your home maybe I'm pretty sure there will be some paper clutter.

Let's talk about mugs and cups. Are your kitchen cupboards full of mismatching, chipped, faded, stained mugs and cups that have accumulated over the years that no longer bring you joy?

Most homes seem to have an interesting collection of mugs. Ones that have been brought as cheap souvenirs, accepted as gifts, promotional freebies, photo mugs, ones made by children, or the ones you brought fro...

Decluttering your home and physcial clutter is the first step to simplifying your life, but what if you are getting stuck with this first step?

Follow these practical steps to simplify and organise any area of your home.

How do you feel about money? Are you happy to look at your bank balance, or do you avoid it as much as you can?

The best way to organise and store your clothes in drawers (and sometimes shelves) is to 'FILE' fold aka the 'KonMari' method.

Towels can multiply over time. It's not uncommon for me to find shelves, and shelves crammed full when helping families to get organised.

When we buy new towels, we rarely let go of the old ones, because we always think they will be needed someday. We end up with a large collection of old and scratchy towels. They fall into the 'just in case' type of clutter  -  just in case.. we have lots of...

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