Medicines and Vitamins

Organising your medication  will make it easier for everyone in the family to take care of their health. You will be able to find what you need quickly, whether it is a plaster for a paper cut or the calpol for a poorly little one.

 There's nothing worse than getting a headache in the middle of the night and not having, or being able to find, any painkillers.

Step 1 - Get out everything out 

Take everything out from where you keep all of your medicines and vitamins.


Step 2 - Throw out all of the expired items

Not only is this a space-saver, it could also be a life-saver. When drugs go past their expiration dates, they become less potent. So if you're taking them for a certain illness, you may not be getting the correct dosage. Drugs can also change in their chemical compositions over time, which means they could become dangerous and have serious side effects. Be safe. Throw them out.


Step 3 - Sort into categories

Some examples of categories are as follows, but think about what types of medications you have and how you use them.

  • Vitamins

  • Cold, flu and allergy

  • Painkillers and fever

  • Adult prescriptions

  • Children's medication

  • Cuts, grazes and first aid

  • Eyes and Ears


Step 4 - Store

Despite most of us having a 'medicine cabinet' in our bathroom, medication should not be stored in there. Medication should always be stored in a room with low humidity and a stable temperature of below 77F, otherwise it decreases the potency and expiration.


One of my favourite ways to store medication is in clear drawers, grouped into categories, like the ones below;















Another easy way to sort and categorise different types of medication for easy access, is to 'file' labelled 'Ziplock' bags for each category in a tin or box.


Try and keep your medication together in one main place so its easy to find, but its always worth having a small emergency kit in your bedroom or handbag.


Make sure that all medications and vitamins are stored away from where they can be easily accessed by children.



Now that you can see what you have and it is easily accessible, make a note of any staple items that you are missing so that these can be replaced ready for when they are needed.





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