Organising and Decluttering Skincare Products

We often ditch our current skincare products when we discover the new wonder product that is going to change our lives! Friendly sales people in shops, branding and pretty packaging, TV adverts and glossy magazines can all talk us into buying new products that we didn't even know we wanted or needed.


Unsurprisingly our bathrooms tend to be one of the biggest clutter magnet trouble spots in many homes. Cabinets and shelves become full of half used and un-loved bottles and jars.


Below are some steps and tips to help you keep on top of your skincare....




First get all of your skin care, body lotions, serums and treatments from your bathroom, dressing table, bedside table or wherever they may be from your home and put them all in one big pile. Somewhere that you will have space to spread out and sort through them. You'll probably find several of those life changing products that you haven't used for months.


Put them into groups of like for like products, such as cleansers, toners, moisturisers, body lotions.....




Get 3 bags, boxes or containers that you can use for THROW AWAY, DONATE and KEEP.


Go through each of your groups of products and think - How old is it? Does it look right? Does it smell funny? Has it separated or changed colour? If any products just don't look, smell or feel right anymore, you need to throw them away.


Think back to when you purchased each of the products. If it's been more than two years (which is generally the amount of time that products remain safe and effective for), throw it away. Most products will have a packaging symbol and 12m/24m, which means product is safe 12 or 24 months from opening, rather than an expiry date. If your not sure of the date that the item was purchased or opened, use your senses and if it dosent feel right in any way throw it out.


Skin is our largest organ and everything that we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Bacteria can grow in creams and lotions over time and the chemical compositions can change, neither of which are good for us.

Skincare Expiry Guidelines


Sun Protection                                                     6 months

Cleansers and Moisturisers                               6 months

Toners                                                                   1 year

Acne and Ageing Treatments                             6 months to 1 year (if in a pump bottle)

Body Lotion                                                           2-3 years

Bar Soap and Shower Gel                                    3 years

Bath Oil                                                                 1 year

Shaving Cream                                                    2 years

Deodorant                                                            2 years


Natural and organic products will have much shorter life spans and should have an expiry date.




 If you haven't used it for a while - why? Did you like the way your skin felt when you were using it? 


If it is still in a useable conditon with plenty left, but just not suitable for your skin, donate it to someone else who could use or try it. It's hard to let go of products that you may have spent alot of your money on (especially if finances are tight), but a cream that makes your skin dry or irratated is not benefiting you at all.


  • Donate gently used products  to women's shelters or local hospices and hospitals. Give them a call and ask what their policy is on accepting items.

  • Swap or sell new or gently used high quality branded products on auction sites or beauty forums.

  • Give to family and friends who may want to try a new product or give new products as gifts.





Now that you have decluttered and only have left what you are going to keep, get some anti-bacterial wipes or a good all purpose cleaner and gives the shelves, storage and all the products a good wipe over.



If you reguarly spend time searching through drawers and cosmetic bags to find your cleanser or moisturiser, your wasting time, probably putting yourself in a bad mood in the mornings and not having an effective skincare routine. A good skincare routine is important to making you look and feel better.


Think about where would be the most practical place to store your skincare. Where do you tend to take your make up off and put your moisturiser on?


Use boxes, bags and drawer dividers to help sort out your skincare and make mornings easier.

Make sure that the items that you do use on a daily basis are visible and easily accessible.


We like: Curver Baskets Muji Storage and Her Clutter Box 


Have a look at our Organising BATHROOMS Pinterest Board for more ideas.



Make a list of your needs - what skincare routine would you like to follow?, What does your skin need? What fits in with your life?


By seeing and thinking about what you have and what you actually need will hopefully stop you from buying more products on impulse.


A good skincare routine normally includes a cleanser, toner, daytime moisturiser with SPF, night time moisturiser and an exfoliator. Write a shopping list of any products that you NEED to complete your routine and take care of your skin.



Tips for keeping on top of your skincare products.....


Use what you have before opening a new product.

With all the temptation to buy new products, it's hard not to start on a new one straight away.  There's nothing wrong with treating yourself to new products if you can afford to, but if you can try and use up your current one first (unless it's not working for you, in which case donate it straight away).   Elimnate product and money waste. Some companies, such as Lush, Kiels and Mac even offer free products when you return your empty containers.


Keep a note of when you brought it.

If you buy lots of skincare products and struggle to remember how old they are, next time you buy something new add the date with a permanant marker.


Buy smaller sizes.

For any items that you only use occassionally, seasonally or want to try a new product, Have a look to see if they do sample of travel sizes or buy the smallest size.


Keep your products clean.

Keep your products germ free by making sure that your hands are clean before you put your fingers in a jar, or better still use a spatula. Pick pump dispensers wherever possible, they reduce the amount of air and bacteria exposed to the formula and extend the life of the product.


Use your senses

If a product starts to look, smell or feel different - throw it out straight away.


Now you should know exactly what you have, what you need, where it is and be clearer and cleaner.

Reward yourself to a well earned soak in the bath with that new oil and face mask that you have just found!


How many items were you able to declutter?

Let us know how you got on in the comments below.


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