My Favourite Paperwork Storage

October 21, 2019





I always think it's best to keep your action tray as simple as possible, so an open A4 tray or basket works best. But if you do need to split out your tray, either for different members of the household, or you feel you need to categorise your actions - you can by multiple stacked or wall mounted versions like these ones from the IKEA KVISSLE range.


Always make sure each section is clearly labelled.













My favourite option. A simple, compact, easy to use system. Keeps your categories organised and easy to access and reduces the need for additional stationary. So easy to file papers directly into the drawers!




 Bisley Filing Drawers


Pros - One of the largest ranges of sizes and colours. (The 10 drawer option works well for most households and sits under most desks). Well made and will hopefully last a lifetime.


Cons - Can be expensive, but always search online for offers. (Ryman and other online stationers often have them discounted).


Drawers are shallow so you do need to keep your categories down to a minimum.





















Ikea HELMER Drawers


Pro's - Much cheaper (less than half the price of the Bisley drawers. Drawers are twice the depth of the Bisley drawers so you have much more space in each. On wheels so easy to move if needed.


Con's - Comes flat packed. Only comes in a 6 drawer version, so depending on how many categories you have, may need more than one. 






















I love BIGSO for their practical, sturdy and environmentally friendly storage boxes. Perfect for projects and ideas, memories and keepsakes, bulky manuals and instructions booklets you need to keep.



The most sturdy boxes I have come across for archiving are from The Really Useful Box Company. They are also perfect for archiving memories and keepsakes, and just about anything else that you want to 'deep' store.


TIP - if they are going to be stored in your loft space, make sure that any new boxes that you are going to purchase will fit through your loft hatch!


 Make sure that everything is clearly labelled!






















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