step five: maintain


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habits, routines and rituals

Follow these rules to ensure that your wardrobe stays organised for years to come.

Daily Habits, Routines and Rituals


Keep your wardrobe tidy! As soon as you take off an item of clothing, hang it, fold it or put it in the laundry basket. Because of our natural human tendency to conserve energy in the short term and choose the easiest option, it may take practice and a change in mindset.


Now that everything has a home it should be much easier to do. Put things away in the section where it belongs, by category and by colour and your wardrobe will stay organised with too much effort. If for any reason you have failed to do this, don't worry too much, the fact that everything now has a home and a section will help you to reset it back to organised more easily.


 Every time you try on an item of clothing and take it off again because it's unflattering, uncomfortable, doesn't fit or you just don't feel good in it - put it straight in your donation bag. If you have taken an item off for any other reason than it's dirty (put straight in the laundry), doesn't match or just not right for today, it probably never will be right.


If you really want to be organised, think ahead and plan your outfit the night before. This will be so much easier if you already have some go-to outfits already put together. Hanging them out ready means that you don't have to rush around in the morning trying to think of what to wear and trying to find that vital accessory that goes with your outfit (although the more organised you become, the less likely this is to happen).



Laundry and Clothing Care


Make sure that you have an easily accessible laundry basket close to where you get undressed each day to stop clothes ending up on the floor.


Take care of your clothes. A little bit of preventative maintenance goes a long way. Fix small tears before they become big ones, and treat stains before they become stubborn. When you give clothes some TLC you won't need as many backups waiting. 



Seasonal Switch


I recommend doing a seasonal switch and wardrobe edit twice a year - in April/May ready for the Spring /Summer, and in September/October ready for the Autumn/Winter seasons. Add a reminder to your calendar or planner.


A regular and careful edit is a great way to remind yourself what you have and be intentional about the things that you own. Storing away items is a great way of having a natural cull, both when you pack and unpack them. Our tastes change, our bodies change. You might wonder what on earth you were thinking when you bought that jacket last year!.


Because you haven't seen these items for a while it helps your wardrobe to feel new and refreshed, reducing the desire to buy new clothes.


Shopping Habits


While our great -grandparents could only obtain a few new pieces each year, nowadays we have no such restrictions. In this era of mass production, clothing is inexpensive and readily available. It's easy to unconsciously accumulate too many clothes. That's why limits play such an important role in our wardrobe if we want to keep things simple.


Never shop without a budget and a plan. Write down a list of things you need. Think of items that will give you more opportunities to wear what you already own in new ways - this is why it is important to make up some outfits and fill in the gaps.


Before you hit the shops, do your research online for the pieces on your 'wish list'. Write down the prices for each specific items, add it all up and then adjust if over your budget.,


Now that you have successfully edited and organised you should be much clearer on what you already own. Shopping with intention will help eliminate any impulse buys you may regret later.


Be mindful about buying new clothes and accessories. Research has shown that we get a lot of pleasure from just thinking about buying something new. Once we've bought it, the pleasure can quickly go away.


Always ask yourself  - What will I wear this with? When can I wear this? How much use will I get out of this?


Buy less, but buy better. Buy fir today, not for tomorrow.








Self-Care Habits


Stop spending your time trying on things that are no longer your size. Stop comparing yourself to your clothes. Stop judging your body. Simplify your wardrobe and put your focus into feeling healthy, strong and confident.



If you have had a read through of this edit guide, but haven't started to tackle your wardrobe yet - I hope that it inspires you to get started and give it a go.


If you have already started or finished editing your wardrobe, I hope you feel a sense of achievement and proud of your newly decluttered space.


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