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Make Your Mornings Matter

Updated: Feb 13

A morning routine is a great place to start if you feel generally overwhelmed with life. It's one of the best things that you can do for YOU. The time that you get to yourself in the mornings may be the best chance of getting some 'Me Time' all day.

The Benefits of a Morning Routine

Reduce Mental Fatigue

It's hard to start the day having to make decisions when our brain hasn't yet woken up. We only have a limited amount of energy and willpower resources when we wake up, and having to make decisions can reduce this even further. Instead of creating each day from scratch, your morning routine will give you a step by step guide of your perfect morning start, with decisions already having been thought through and made.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Start your day off calmly and quietly, without feeling rushed. Knowing what the first hour of your day looks and feels like is a powerful feeling. It helps you to start off the day feeling in control, which reduces anxiety and helps you to have a less stressful and more productive day. If you are feeling down, anxious, overwhelmed with life in general, being able to look forward to and having the first part of your day already planned can help you to get started. Start off with a clear head, ready for whatever the day has to throw at you.

Save Time and Energy

As well as not wasting time and energy not having to think about how to get started in the mornings, creating routines, rituals and habits mean that you naturally start to use your time better and get more out of it.

Intention and Purpose

By starting your day off with more intention and purpose, you'll be pushing yourself to start doing the things that you know you really need to do for yourself and to advance other areas of your life. Increasing the chances of being happier, feeling better and being more productive and successful.

Look and Feel Better

By reducing stress, re-connecting with yourself, keeping calm and exercising, you will notice the difference in how you look and feel.

Increase Confidence and Motivation

In his book 'The Motivation Hacker' Nick Winter talks about Success Spirals. Where you consistently see yourself succeeding at something, it helps build your confidence and increases the likelihood that you will succeed at the next thing that you do. Motivation increases with expectancy. Developing and sticking to a morning routine gives you several things that you can see yourself succeeding at every day. This, in turn, builds your confidence and you will see yourself succeeding at even bigger goals.

If you would like to read more about 'Making your mornings matter' please click here to download the eBook, which includes planner pages to help you to create your own morning routine.


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