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“Claire has changed my life after teaching me the necessary skills to keep my house more manageable. It is so much easier to stay on top of everything. I am delighted! She is a lovely person with great energy, she is very kind and gentle. She also works incredibly hard and gets everything done. It has been an enjoyable experience working through my house with Claire and one that brought long-awaited decluttered and tidy results. something I was never able to achieve on my own. I recommend her very highly indeed"


“Claire is a pleasure to work with, and I wish that she could come and live with us for a month! She is super organised, and has huge amounts of energy and focus. With her help we are finally getting our family and home sorted out"


“This is life-changing. I am looking forward to working with Claire again in my new house. It not only made a huge impact for the better in my life. It taught me how to manage things too. I am determined now to get things away for good. I am ready to let go. Onwards and upwards!"


“Thank you again for all of your help! Even though I was exhausted after our first session, I was so motivated I carried on after you had left"


“I just wanted to send a quick email and say THANK YOU so much for your help today! Mum and I both think you are an angel sent from God/Mary Poppins! Thank you so much, you are the best. We look forward to seeing you next week."


“Thank you Claire, for helping us organise and prepare for the arrival of our baby. Your help certainly made the end of pregnancy and the beginning of Motherhood an easier one. Fully recommended! x."


“Thank you for helping me reach this stage. I can't imagine how we would have even contemplated this move if I hadn't learned from you how to feel OK about letting go of stuff."


“Almost instantly after Claire left; I felt the house become lighter and happier as if a light switch had been flicked"


“I had a lovely experience working with Every Little Thing. The girls made the entire process easy and enjoyable. They weren't overwhelmed by the house and the clutter that had accumulated over time. They jumped right in and helped to get the spaces organised and functional for our family. Now I know where everything is"


“In our two 3-hour sessions, we accomplished more than I would have done in two full weekends on my own. It was so helpful to have someone to support me in my decisions"

ANNA. H, Bedford

“What Claire does brilliantly is point out the wood to you, until you see the expanse, clear as day, no longer muddles by all the trees. After 3-hours that began with me saying “I don’t even know where to start”. She proved that I know exactly what I want and what I/we need to do to get there”

KAREN, Cambridge

“You made a tremendous difference to my household order and I continue to appreciate all your hard work. You showed amazing perseverance and efficiency and I am very grateful".

R.M, Brentford, London

“I found Claire's visit so helpful. She helped me understand why organising was starting to feel so difficult and showed me how to breakdown the tasks. Claire introduced new ideas and advice and signposted storage ideas. I'm really pleased with the results and motivated to continue. "

D.K, Rushden


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