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Emails - Too Much Information, Too Little Time ?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information flooding into your inbox and under pressure to constantly keep checking in case you miss something? Do you know how to easily find information that you need without having to scroll through hundreds of emails? Do you know what's important in your inbox and what's not?

You can feel anxious at the thought of having to log in, download, process and action all the information presented to you on a daily basis. And then when you finally get round to clearing your emails another 20 come in and you're back to the beginning. Trying to keep your inbox clear can feel like digging a hole, you dig and dig and then more dirt falls in.

We sometimes wish that all our emails would just disappear and that we could start afresh with an empty inbox, but, if you are not brave enough to delete your email account and start again, decluttering and organising your inbox will make it much easier to manage and help you to stay on top of your emails.

Getting rid of as much clutter as possible will allow you to focus on the important messages.

Information can drop off the first page and get missed because of the constant stream of junk, sales emails and newsletters that you don't even remember signing up for.

Instead of using smartphones to enhance our lives, we are letting them control our lives. We feel the need to immediately respond to every ding and tone, distracting us from living life.

This post and the following ebook are not about spending all day every actioning emails to get to 'Inbox Zero', it's about keeping your inbox as simple and as efficient as possible and getting clear on the information that you are allowing into your life.

To read more and find out how to declutter and organise your emails, click here or on the image below to download the free ebook.

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