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The Benefits of a Wardrobe Edit

Getting dressed is a fundamental part of our morning and can have a significant impact on how we feel and our day ahead. It should be an enjoyable part of your day, but if you are fighting with your wardrobe each morning, it can cause stress, anxiety and frustration.

We tend to shove as many clothes and accessories as possible into whatever space we can find and rarely put much thought into how a cluttered and disorganised space can affect our wellbeing. A simplified and organised wardrobe can make a big difference in getting the most out of every day.

The clothes that you love are mixed in amongst the ones that don't fit, the ones that are past their best and the ones that we just never wear - meaning that you are searching through countless items of mismatched unused and unloved clothing before you can get dressed.

Which is why we end up choosing the same things, proclaiming, "I have nothing to wear" and rush out of the door not feeling good about what we have thrown on. Because of this feeling, we often feel the need to go and buy more and more clothes, and we keep adding to the disorganised chaos.

With our love of shopping and always looking for a good deal, it's easy to unconsciously accumulate too many clothes. There are clothes to tempt you everywhere - you're in the supermarket buying groceries and wander past the clothing department, and it's too easy to pick something up and throw it in the trolley. You probably didn't try it on so it may not fit, you don't need it and won't take it back. You just hang it up in the wardrobe.

We hang onto clothes that no longer fit our body, style or life. That are past their best because we paid a lot of money for them, they have sentimental value, we feel we might need them one day, a fear of not having enough, we can't decide what to do with it or are keeping it for when our ideal self has materialised.

Our wardrobes become overcrowded and overwhelming.

Sometimes just contemplating the task of making decisions needed to sort out our wardrobe feels too much, and it's easier to make a quick decision and just shut the door than do anything about it - but only in the short term. Having to face this every morning is way more stressful. Not being able to find anything that you look and feel good in, will affect your confidence, and that's stressful too.

It is much better to know what you wear than preserve the illusion that you have a full wardrobe but still have nothing to wear.

With a little editing, you can create a wardrobe that is simple and organised, and works with your lifestyle. It's sometimes only when we spend dedicated time to editing our closet that we notice the items that shouldn't be there, that are contributing to both our physical and mental clutter.

Imagine opening your wardrobe to find a calm, organised space filled only with things that you love and make you feel good every day. Having a wardrobe that makes it easy and enjoyable to get dressed in the morning really does make a difference in your daily life.

I recommend doing a wardrobe edit twice a year - in April/May ready for the Spring/Summer and in September/October ready for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

Why do a wardrobe edit?

Instead of feeling guilty or upset at how much money you've spent on clothes that you don't even wear, see it as a positive opportunity to:


You'll save time and reduce stress and frustration in the mornings by making it easier to pick an outfit you know you feel good in.


One of the most mental roadblocks to overcome is the thinking that more is better - that the more clothes we have in our wardrobes and the more options that we have to choose from, the better we will be. But this is rarely true. Too many clothes make seeing good options and combinations of clothes much harder. Fewer (but better) options to choose from each morning results in less stress, less wasted time and less wasted energy. You'll find getting ready to be easier, quicker and more relaxed.

Simplifying your daily decisions leaves more mental space and better productivity throughout the day.


Gaining clarity in your wardrobe means you'll become more aware and mindful when you're next shopping for clothes. You'll be clearer on what you already own, and make better decisions on whether you do need anything new or another pair of jeans!


Everything in your newly edited wardrobe should look and feel good on you, so you'll feel more confident.

An organised wardrobe will help you to mix and match more successfully, and make up different outfits that you may have been able to see before. You may even rediscover old favourites that you had forgotten you had.


Giving everything a home, and looking at a tidy, organised wardrobe will make you feel calmer, clearer and more in control The more space you have, the easier it is to flick through your clothes and see at a glance what you have. As with everything in your home, you are more likely to use and enjoy things if you can easily see and access them. Fewer clothes also means less laundry to do!.


It might not just be the physical space and sheer volume of clothes stuffed into a small space, but the mental clutter and all the things the clothes represented. There's often a lot of emotional baggage on those hangers - the dodgy purchases, the things with their tags still on, the wasted money. There's guilt, shame and fear. Letting go and clearing the clutter is a liberating and cathartic experience. Let it go and feel lighter and happier.

And remind yourself that YOU can choose to own less stuff, spend less money and spend more time and energy on the really important things. I promise that although you may have a few emotional moments along the way, you won't regret it.

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