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Edit your Bedroom to Improve your Love Life - Even if you're Single!

Declutter and organise your bedroom to improve your love life.

Bring more love into your life by editing your bedroom.

Editing and enhancing your bedroom - the room we most associate with love and romance - can positively impact your current relationship, or even help you attract a new relationship!

The bedroom is where the most vulnerable and intimate moments in a relationship happen - physically and emotionally, so it's important to create your own little sanctuary. A safe and comfortable space, not only for yourself but a sanctuary for your relationship as well (current or future).

Intimacy in a relationship has a lot to do with just being in the mood, and your environment plays a huge part in this. If your bedroom feels cluttered or unwelcoming, so can all the interactions that take place inside of it.

Our bedrooms often (unintentionally) end up working against us when it comes it romance.


A little makeover, including some of the practices taken from the ancient art of Feng Shui, can help remove any physical barriers and create more positive energy around your room.

The energy of your bedroom is critical when it comes to intimate relationships. Good energy can both attract a partner, as well as helping to keep an existing relationship vibrant and harmonious.

Check out these tips for creating a bedroom that supports your romantic relationship and trigger positive energies for your love life.

They may not instantly deliver 'It's Raining Men' or 'Sexual Healing' type levels of love life vibes, but they may shift the energy just enough to bring some more love and connection into your life!


The first, and most import step - getting rid of clutter.

For the space to feel like that safe, comfortable sanctuary, you have to eliminate any clutter. The bedroom should focus on relaxation, intimacy, rejuvenation and sleeping; anything that isn't conducive to these things doesn't belong in there. A pile of laundry or mess does not help to set to stage for relaxation or romance!

Clutter and disorganisation can also make us feel bad about ourselves. Whether we wish to attract a partner or sustain a healthy relationship, how we feel about ourselves is probably the most important ingredient.

A bedroom free of clutter promotes the flow of more positive energy, which allows for spaciousness, better conversation, connection and more intimacy. Clothes are often one of the biggest clutter culprits in bedrooms, so if you're inclined to use your bedroom as a 'floordrobe', now is a good time to focus on changing your habits.

remove anything 'work' related

Keep anything work, workout or chore related out of the bedroom.

If possible, avoid having a work desk in the bedroom, or even bringing work materials into it. Try to agree on keeping laptops and phones out of the bedroom in the evenings.

Put ironing boards, clothes airers and other chore-based equipment out of sight.

The same goes for workout equipment. Exercising, as well as storing weights and other sports equipment in your room, particularly under your bed, creates an atmosphere of hard work, which will eclipse the calming romantic vibe you are trying to create. Any workout in your bedroom is best left to your imagination!

Keep the mood and ambience focused on relaxation and connection with your partner, or yourself. And help to create a boundary between your work life and your personal life.

Declutter and organise your bedroom to improve your love life.


Be mindful of how much space you are taking up. The physical space you absorb can sometimes be a reflection of the space you are taking up in your relationship. If your 'stuff' is taking over, it may be time to pair it back and create some more space for your partner.

If you are in a relationship and one of you is more minimalist, while the other is more maximalist, that's fine, but it is important that both parties feel represented in a way that feels equal to them.

Compromise is an important part of the process. A bedroom should be a thoughtful reflection of both partners, so ensure that each person's point of view is reflected and respected. Both partners should feel welcome and comfortable.

If you're looking for a relationship, create some breathing space in your wardrobe or clear some space in a drawer, so that when your soul mate does appear, they will fit right in.

Ask yourself;

Is your bedroom already cluttered up?

Are your drawers and wardrobe so crammed full you don't have space for someone else in your life?

Are you embarrassed for someone else to see your bedroom?

Yes, to any of these questions can be an indication that you may be blocking a partner from coming into your life. Make some physical space and see what comes your way!


Next to decluttering, the bed is the most important part of a romantic bedroom.

The more comfortable and inviting your bed is, the more time you'll want to spend together in there. Add big plumped up pillows or cushions, freshly laundered sheets, and a warm cosy blanket or duvet that you can snuggle up in. Texture is important to the senses, so mix textures that evoke different feelings when you enter the room.

If the side of your bed is against a wall, move it away. Not only is climbing over your partner to get in and out of bed annoying for both of you, but in Feng Shui, it symbolises not making room for someone else to enter your life.

Ensure your bed can easily be entered from both sides. Energetically you are making space for someone else to enter your space, and that can translate into your everyday life.

A solid headboard is not only important for your sleep quality because it gives you a subtle sense of security, but it also provides support for a relationship. Consider a chic wooden or upholstered one. Having a solid surface behind you is more energetically supportive than a frame with 'negative' space.

Don't allow clutter to creep in under the bed; only use this space for storage if you have to. It's much better to keep the space clear and allow the energy to flow freely.


A balanced and symmetrical room promotes a relationship that is in sync and can help attract an equal partner.

If you're in a relationship, create romantic harmony by making each side of the bed equally appealing. Have two bedside tables of approximately the same size. In Feng Shui, only one bedside table, or bedside tables of substantially different sizes can create a sense of inequality between partners. They don't have to be identical, but they should be of similar height and weight and include comparable elements. For example, if one has a lamp, the other should have too.

If you are looking for a partner, while it is important to accept and embrace where you are now, it is also necessary to make space for a partner. Single people often have a bedroom designed for one person. i.e. the bed pushed up against the wall, one bedside table, or one reading lamp.

So, if you're looking for love, get rid of the single mindset and set a firm intention for a new relationship. Push the bed away from the wall, adding a second side table or another reading lamp and ditching any images of lonely people and replace them with positive, happy and sensual images and objects - preferably in pairs! Plan out your bedroom as if you're already in a relationship.

Of course, following this guidance can be difficult in small rooms, and not everyone has the luxury of being able to meet all these criteria, so try out different positions and notice which one feels best.

don't look elsewhere

For some, there may be a certain allure to having a mirror in front of (or even above) the bed, but from a love and connection perspective, it's best to keep your bedroom reflection-free.

There is a traditional Feng Shui rule that says that placing a mirror in a position that creates a double image of your bed while sleeping; invites third party interference into a relationship. And by the way that doesn't necessarily mean cheating; it could be anything from a family member who can't keep their opinions to themselves or an intrusive friend.

If you can move your mirror to a place where it won't create a double image of your bed, go for it. You may just notice fewer people seem to be meddling in your love life as a result.

Whether you believe that or not, mirrors do generate a lot of energy into a space that could disrupt your sleep. So if you have, or plan to have a mirror in the bedroom, it's best to place offset and not directly facing you, or keep them to other spaces and look at each other instead!


Photos of parents, the kids or other family members, while sweet and sentimental, are not exactly romantic. Consider moving your framed family photos to another area of your home. Who wants Mum or the kids keeping an eye on your bedroom action!

DECORATION AND STYLING to enhance and not distract

Pick the right colour scheme and lighting. Colour has an impact on our emotions. An all-white room or a room decorated in cool colours can 'cool off' a relationship. To promote more romance in your life, decorate the bedroom with neutral, sensual or warm colours, like skin tones.

You can add pops of colour to make it flirty and sexy, but too much colour can sometimes be overwhelming. Too much red, for example, can increase arguments and make it hard to sleep.

Lighting is also essential for setting the mood. Lighting with a dimmer is perfect! as well as soft and subtle bedside lamps - and candles!

No matter your relationship status, the pictures you hang and objects you display in your bedroom directly correlate the energy you bring into your life. In your bedroom, you want to have calming and romantic feels. Swap out the photos of busy street scenes with imagery and objects that appeal to love and relaxation, like a couples photo or a shared memory.

Romance and desire are strongly linked to your sense of smell. So add gorgeous smelling candles, pillow sprays and essential oils (ylang-ylang, jasmine, lavender and vanilla are said to have aphrodisiac qualities).

If you love crystals, they are great to include. You generally want to have them in pairs when it comes to the bedroom. As we've mentioned previously, it creates excellent love Feng Shui to see pairings throughout the room.

Rose quartz is a good pairing for love. A stone known for helping people tap into their compassionate side, it helps bring the energy of understanding into the space as it works to open and unblock the heart chakra. Alternatively, you can pair one Rose Quartz with an Amethyst, as Amethyste helps calm the soul while Rose Quartz unblocks the heart.

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