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Should it Stay, or Should it Go?

One of the hardest aspects of decluttering is the decision-making process - what stays and what goes?

This can be incredibly hard for those who tend to keep items 'just in case'.

The reality is that most things are replaceable, so if you make the decision to get rid of a blender that's been in a box, unopened for the last three years, and then decide in 6 months that it would be a valuable addition to your kitchen, then OK another one. This may sound flippant, but it's true that in the majority of cases the 'just in case' never actually happen and if by chance it does, it's easily resolved.

If you're having trouble deciding whether or not to let go of something, try asking yourself these decluttering questions for clarity with your decisions.

Why am I keeping this?

Can I live without it?

Does this item deserve a permanent place in my home/life?

What will I gain from keeping this?

What will I gain from letting this go?

Does this fit in my life and who I am now?

Am I keeping this for me or for someone else's sake?

Am I only keeping this because it looks good to other people?

How many of this item do I need?

Is it in good condition?

Would someone else appreciate it more than me?

Could I be convinced to let it go?

What's the worst thing that would happen if I let this item go?

When was the last time I used this?

When will I (realistically) need it again?

Is it more important to keep this item, or have the physical and mental space that it occupies?

Is it beautiful, useful or loved?

If you are struggling to let go - sit quietly and contemplate any items you find difficult. Look at the questions, be open and honest with yourself and the answers will come to you naturally.

Ultimately, if you love an item and it supports who you are, what you want and how you want to live your life right now, then it's OK to keep it. Some things will be that simple.

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