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Reasons to Simplify your Kitchen

Simplify your kitchen

Every home is different, but the kitchen is likely to be one of the busiest areas in many homes. We spend a considerable amount of time here each day.

Whether you have a small gallery kitchen or a big kitchen-diner, the kitchen's primary purpose remains the same - storing, preparing and often eating the food that nourishes us and keeps us going.

It's the place to make a comforting cup of tea or coffee, a natural gathering place for conversation with friends and family, a place for homework and art projects and a command centre for busy families. It's also often one of the first stops you make when you get home.

The flat surfaces are inviting places to dump stuff, and so it very often also ends up as a collection place for all sorts of things; post, junk mail, groceries, children's toys and school stuff, the contents of emptied pockets, pet accessories and clothing that are brought into the home every day are mixed among the everyday collection of plates, mugs and cooking supplies.

When a space in our home becomes a collection site for 'stuff', more and more things begin to accumulate and the clutter creeps in.

We also tend to accumulate much more kitchenware than we need or use regularly.

Given its significant role in our home and our lives, it's no wonder that the kitchen can contain a lot of stuff. But too much stuff can prevent it from being utilised properly for its primary purpose of preparing and eating food, or just enjoy being in the kitchen,

A simplified, organised space with room to cook and is easy to maintain makes a big difference in your life.

If you have ever visited a kitchen showroom or flicked through the pages of an interiors magazine and felt a little bit of kitchen envy, it could be more the simple, uncluttered space that is the attraction rather than the expensive appliances, worktops or units. There is a reason why display kitchens only have minimal appliances and items on the surfaces - it's the space and cleanliness that makes them so inviting.

Decluttering your kitchen can give you the same feeling.

Here are some reasons to simplify your kitchen....

Sets your day off in a positive way

A stressful start can often set the tone for the rest of the day. Our morning routines should energise us rather than drain us. Mornings can feel pressurised with limited time to get every done before we have to get out of the door for work or school runs.

The kitchen can be where stress starts (especially if you wake up and still have yesterdays mess to deal with). Rushing around trying to clear up, make breakfast, packed lunches, get everything ready for work or school whilst also trying to get a couple of sips of tea or coffee down before we rush out the door - leaving the kitchen like a bomb has gone off. Sound familiar? The day has barely begun, and we already feel stressed and overwhelmed. It's not a good way to start the day.

Simplifying your kitchen will make your mornings easier. A clutter-free kitchen means less stress, less anxiety and less time needed in the morning - which benefits everyone in the home. Your mornings will run more smoothly, and you will feel more in control of your day rather than the day controlling you.

You will be healthier

The roles of the kitchen and dining areas are essential for our health and nourishment. Our energy levels depend on our ability to absorb nutrients from food, which can be severely diminished if the kitchen environment is chaotic.

Simplifying your kitchen will give you more space and inclination to cook. A cluttered, chaotic and untidy environment is likely to deter you from cooking healthy, nutritious meals so you are more likely to reach for the quick, processed, ready meals, takeaways and snacks - which will all affect your health and energy levels.

When you feel in control of your kitchen (and your life), you are more likely to be intention about eating and implementing good habits such as meal planning.

Your home will be healthier

Its very difficult to keep a cluttered kitchen clean. Regular cleaning in the kitchen is imperative to limit health risks. Particles of food left in cupboards or on the floor will attract insects and rodents, and overstuffed fridges and food cupboards mask food kept past its used by date.

Because the kitchen is one of the main areas of the home, keeping it clean, tidy and clutter-free will set the tone for other areas of your home.

Reduce stress and overwhelm

As well as the morning routine stress that a cluttered kitchen can cause, cluttered surfaces (all over your home) also contribute to physical stress. There is a direct link between high-stress hormone levels and a high density of household objects.

Clutter increases stress levels, as physical objects compete for our visual attention - the more physical distraction in our environment, the more stress that we feel.


A thorough declutter can help you to maximise the space that you have in your kitchen. You might think that you need an expensive new kitchen for more storage, but decluttering and good organisation can help add at least 30% more working space for food preparation and storage.

Save time, energy and money

Decluttering and simplifying your kitchen means less time spent looking for things, and less time cleaning and tidying.

You're more likely to go and get another clean plate or mug from the cupboards when the surfaces and cupboards are full, resulting in more washing up and a cycle of clutter.

An organised kitchen makes it much easier to find what you need when you need it, reducing wasting money on buying things that you already own.

Family and social Time

Calm kitchens and dining areas are an opportunity for families and friends to spend quality time together. Mealtimes at a table create valuable down and connection time in our busy lifestyles. Sharing food is one of the most social ways we interact with others.

If you have children, I believe it's also important to get them involved in tidying up after a meal - which is hard to implement when its cluttered and disorganised. It's hard to give them clear instruction to enable them to help.

Blog Post: Reasons to Simplify your Kitchen

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