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Wardrobe Edit: It's ok to let these go..

Wardrobe Declutter

The hardest thing about decluttering is giving yourself permission to let things go.

These types of clothing are hiding in almost everyone's wardrobe, and it's ok to let them go.


First things first; get rid of all the things that don't fit you. You can make an exception if you're in between sizes, or if your weight fluctuates - but not the 'one day I will' clothes. Keep some items that you love for different sizes, but everything else needs to go. It's going to make you feel bad about yourself, and your body every time you open your wardrobe.

Women often hold onto clothes, hoping that someday they will get back to that shape or weight and be able to wear them again. But it rarely happens even if the weight is lost, as the first thing we tend to do is to go shopping and reward ourselves with new clothes.

If you really can't bear to part with them, or you are worried about the cost of replacing them, choose a few of your favourites and store them away from your day to day wardrobe until you are ready for them. Review them again with your next wardrobe edit..

If you have kept it thinking you can get it altered. Be realistic - can you really be bothered? Is it worth the time and effort, or are you better just letting it go?


You thought you loved it in the shop, but it doesn't go with anything else, it doesn't flatter your shape, it's not your style, it's the wrong colour and now it's hanging in your wardrobe unworn and unloved. We've all experienced buyers remorse and for whatever reason failed to take it back to the shop.

They stay in our wardrobe, and we keep pulling them off the hangers, trying them on and putting them back. These items have cost us money, and that's hard to get over, especially when we know the resale value is virtually nothing, and we resent the idea of taking it to the charity shop. You will never get the money back. Let them go.

If you don't wear something because it's itchy, too tight, uncomfortable, you feel frump; it creases too much for you to enjoy wearing it, too short, too revealing - Let it go.

Keeping something because you are waiting for it to go back into fashion? Chances are if and when it does come back into fashion, it won't fit, or styles will have changed.

Do you really need to keep it? It's easy to come up with scenarios in which the answer is yes, but remember to be realistic about what you need for the life that you live.


These should not be on our wardrobe. There's nothing worse than going to put on a dress that you had planned to wear for a night out and then realising that you had forgotten to fix the broken zip, or there is a stain down the front. Anything that needs to be fixed or laundered needs to be taken out and put on your 'To Do' list.

If anything is over laundered, off colour and beyond repair, it needs to go. Even if it is one of your everyday favourites, such as a white T-Shirt. Your wardrobe basics need updating and regularly refreshing so that you feel and look your best.

Do not relegate damaged or out of shapes clothes to your loungewear drawer. Invest in some comfortable Loungewear that you wouldn't feel ashamed in if someone unexpectedly popped round for a visit. This isn't just about what other people think though, Tatty, ill-fitting clothes that are one step away from being thrown in the bin are not going to make you feel good. You should feel good about yourself in whatever you are wearing - regardless of its purpose.


Items that we used to love and wear all the time are difficult to let go. Many people form strong emotional attachments to clothing. We remember all of those memories of when we wore them. Maybe you're not the size that you used to be; they remind you of a time when you were happier or a loved one. If you can face it, try and remove these clothes from your wardrobe. If you have to keep them, try and keep a couple of pieces in a memory box instead of them being mixed up in your day to day wardrobe. Removing the clothes from our closet does not destroy the memories. If it makes you happy or smells like a loved one - keep it. Don't be too hard on yourself.


Fillers are the pieces that stop your wardrobe feeling cohesive. Fillers are the items that you don't love but don't particularly dislike either, so you keep them just in case. They are nice enough but not perfect, and you know that there is something similar in your wardrobe that you like more.

You might not want to ditch them in the donation bin just yet. Instead, compile a list of wardrobe upgrades to add to your shopping wish list.


It's ok to have just one winter coat, swimming costume or type of shoe. Think about how many of each item you need. Having multiples of basics like T-Shirts and underwear is fine, but if you keep buying the same things over and over, make sure that you filter out the older versions to keep your wardrobe fresh and simple.

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