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Working in Zen: Creating A Clutter-Free Home Office Space

For years, you've had to work in a space designed by someone with vastly different tastes. But now, with the work-from-home culture fully enriched because of COVID-19, the time has come to embrace the home office, which means that you can fully ditch the dull décor and live out all your Pinterest fantasies in peace.

Suddenly, everything you have ever longed for in your workspace becomes a possibility!

Now, as great as that sounds, you may want to re-evaluate your wish to ensure a stress-free, clutter-free, productive and efficient workspace.



The style of your desk adds to the overall feel of your office space, so choose wisely. Your desk needs to be big enough to hold everything you need to work - and then some. You need to be comfortable, not crammed in, and you must have access to all your tools.

A desk with drawers is a great way to store office supplies and avoid clutter. Or, you can add attractive storage boxes to keep everything you need neat and in one place. The look of your desk reflects your state of mind, so make sure it isn't messy.


What are your dreams and aspirations? What are you looking to achieve in the next few years? A vision board is a great way to visualise your dreams and remind yourself what the end goal is.

A picture frame that matches your décor is a great way to incorporate a vision board while still retaining an air of professionalism. Images, quotes and designs from your board can also decorate your space, and you can frame these too.


Brightly coloured walls and decor can be distracting, and the novelty will more likely quickly fade. While a feature wall may seem like a good idea, it can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you choose wallpaper with a vivid print, or paint that's a very dark colour.

Try to stick to natural, neutral tones to instil a sense of calmness and zen. If there's a colour that inspires you to work harder, incorporate it into your space. Or, if you know that shades of blue calm you in times of stress, they are the obvious choice.


Plants can add a whole different dimension to your office. They easily and effortlessly perk up any space, no matter how small.

Choose plants that require minimal maintenance and that are designed for an indoor environment. And, if you don't have green fingers, cheat and go for artificial plants, but make sure they look like the real thing, not cheap knock offs!

Another way to bring life into your space is with proper lighting. Nobody wants to work in a dark, gloomy office. In the same breath, harsh light can be bad for your eyes. Generally, cool lighting is recommended, and you should never feel like you're struggling to see or fighting a losing battle with shadows.


You're not chained to your desk, and you don't have to be uncomfortable either. Add an occasional chair with cushions and a soft throw to create a distraction-free space where you can take a break or plan your next move.

While it's tempting to hop on the living room couch, it's probably not the best idea. Try to stay within your office space during working hours to prevent productivity from dipping.


Items on your desk need to be things you use daily if not, file it or throw it away.

A good way to manage this is to have an 'Action' tray to hold all the items that you need to do something with.

The same can be said for your computer. Create a folder system to keep your desktop organised and easy to manage. This also makes it easy to trace past projects for reference. Keep the desktop apps to a minimum and disable social media distractions during the day, the less clutter, the fewer distractions there will be.

If you've accumulated all kinds of belongings, get rid of them too! Whether you've dumped old photos in your desk drawers, or are storing everything from cables to jewellery you don't wear in your office space, get rid of it.


Nothing calms the mind like music. Whether you have it playing in the background or are listening to your favourite playlist, music can be a major motivator.

Set up a speaker in your office that links to your computer or phone and play the songs you love. If there's no one sharing your office, you can choose whatever music suits your mood and play it as loud as you like. And if you need to stretch your legs after a long stint behind your desk, you can always get up and dance!


Keep our office space simple. You have the rest of your home to decorate with all sorts of things to your heart's content. Your workspace needs to be calm and inspirational - dedicated to making you feel on control, productive and motivated.

Your décor needs to reflect who you are while remaining professional and neutral. If a client pops in or you spend hours at a time on video conference calls, you need to project a level of professionalism even while at home.

A zen office space is always the best place to go, so ditch the clutter and create a space that you enjoy spending time in, no matter what your job is!

This is a guest post from Editor-in-Chief at Vintage Cash Cow, Magda Rae.

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